Hatfield 2015

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Yours Truly

Artist statement

I create work based on the idea of being human; not only forms but emotive and functioning. As human beings we can never understand ourselves completely, which creates a certain dichotomy, if we do not understand completely how we feel and what we are, do we have the ability to understand things around us?

“Yours Truly”

The concept behind “Yours Truly” is the idea of stripping ourselves down to the very minimum, focusing on human emotions. “Skin” is one of the key elements, which divide us into different groups but beneath it, we are all the same. Regardless of this, its perceived divide cases constant pain and war.

Using porcelain as the medium from which to create “skin” suggests a fragility, but building layers creates a solid compact structure, reflective of how we as human beings are in society. It represents the different layers of emotions and the different facades we wear to get us through lives.

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A pair of luck




This pair of hung-up door sculptures was created during my Art & residence in Jingdezhen. It was my own interpretation of the blue and white porcelain vases which Chinese family would display them by their main doors. It represents the idea of bring luck and fortunes. My interpretation had 8 bowls connected together because 8 is a lucky number in china and also having a pair meaning everything will come in double, the more the better. This pair was exhibitioned in Hong Kong.


My Estonia Exchange experiences

In the beginning of this year 2014. i have the chance to go and study in Estonia as exchange students for 4 months. where i did wood firing, studio projects, garden public art, black smithing and glass work. It was a brilliant experiences and i learnt a lot about all different aspects of Arts. Most importantly , meeting other students from around the world and had a great time.

For my garden project where we had to created a ” fantasy garden” as a group and competing with other universities. I had the idea of creating 3 human life-size figures based on the idea on how now-a-days society thinks about genders. between gay and lesbian, transexual and transgender, cross dressers and alter ego.

I did researches of few of my friends measurements so i could pick their different body parts to create a ” new body”. Then i told casts of their bodies with plaster bandages as the mould for my clay.

IMG_1657 IMG_1664 IMG_1666 IMG_1676 IMG_1678 IMG_1690



Then  i joined all different parts together to create this new figure which is half woman and half man.




I put holes on them so they each parts are jointed with metal wire.

2 were electric firing and one was wood fired.




And now, they display on the Tallinn park square in Estonia, is open to public until august. It was a fantastic experience working with other artists and taking parts in such big scale.


Two weeks ago, we had a ceramics trip to France where did wood firing, raku firing and constructing in a large scale.



We stayed at one of our tutor’s house. beautiful place.



demonstration from the famous potter Mick Morgan on constructing garden pieces.



which they wood fired them later.




Another project was the theme of habitat and gothic also functional use. which i took the candle holder with the wax dripping as my inspiration.


I looked around the area and found a church with wore out stone textures on the wall which i thought were quite nice and combined the idea with the church and candle holder.


The idea of using flying buttresses as the legs and having the bell tower on top as the candle holder.






we also visited some local potters.




Fancy dress dinner as artists or designers